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The chair of Russian of humanitarian faculties is this from leading chairs BGU. Teachers of chair work at 12 faculties (the Azerbaijan sector and with foreign students). Russian chair was formed on November, 10th, 1919 the Manager. Senior lecturer P.O.Pilashevsky was chair. Since 1939 for 1972 chair supervised over prof. N.Shakhtakhtinsky, f.s.c. M.V.Mirzoev, Associate Prof. A.Mahmudov, M.Movsumzade, F.G.Gusejnov. With 1972 on 1982 chair managed senior lecturer Farida Sultanzade. It is the author of the book «the Russian textbook for the Azerbaijan groups of "monography" Classification of compound sentences and some problems of actual division. In 1982 the manager. It the author of the textbook "Russian", several programs, 4 methodical grants became chair the prof. Diamond Самедова. In 2004 the chair has united with chair of Russian for foreign citizens and зав.кафедрой became senior lecturer Adiba Pashaeva. It the author of books: «Russian in monologue","Russian in dialogues","the Grant on Russian for students-foreigners of faculty of The senior lecturer of chair Tahir Aliev heads 15 years the international scientifically-methodical magazine «Language and the literature».

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