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The history of the faculty


The faculty of philology of Baki State University was organized as a department of language-literature and oriental studies on the basis of the faculty of history-philology in 1919 when Baki State University was established. At early years when university began to realize its activity was the speciality of Russian language and literarure and the speciality of the modern Azeri language and literarure at the department of Oriental studies. Though the students were firstly trained in the field of last speciality i.e. as the specialist of Azeri language and literature they learnt Arabic, Persian, Turkic languages and the literature, history of peoples speaking these languages. The department of Oriental studies has become an independent faculty since 1922/1923 academic year. So the speciality of Russian language and literature worked as an independent department of the faculty of history-philology and the speciality become an independent department of the section of language of the faculty of Oriental studies since March 30, 1922.
The faculty of history-philology became the faculty of social sciences in 1923-24 academic year and the speciality of present Russian language and literature became one of these three departments of the very faculty.The faculty of social sciences was replaced by the pedagogical faculty in 1925/26 academic year. At the beginning of 1925/26 academic year the activity of the department of language-literature of the pedagogical faculty was over. Being an independent section of present Azeri language and literature continued its activity till Azerbaijan State University turned into different institutes by the decision of Council of People`s Comissars of Azerbaijan SSR. When Baki State University was organized the first dean of the faculty of history-philology was the professor of the chair of general history Nicolay Alexandrovich Dubrovski. He had been working in this occupation for 10 months, later on prof. Leonid Alexandrovich Ishkov hold this post. At the beginning of 1920-s ten chairs were directly busy with training process. General linguistics; Russian literature; Russian language; History of literature of Western Europe; Classical philology; Slavic philology; Georgian philology; Turkology; History of Turkic literature; History of art.
Later on, some of these chairs were closed. The chair of Georgian philology was abolished in 1922, the chair of Slavic philology was abolished in 1924. V.V.Sipovski, V.L.Ivanov, A.V.Bagri, V.B.Tomashevski, N.L.Ashmarin, B.Chobanzadah, R.L.Shor and some other scholars delivered lectures on literature and language subjects in 1920s. The famous writer of Azerbaijan A.Hagverdiyev also delivered lectures on the history of literature since 1921, October. The remarkable turkologists N.L.Ashmarin had headed the chair of turkology since October 1923 but B.Chobanzadah since march 1925. The outstanding turkologist, academician A.L.Samoylovich delivered lectures at this chair too. Though Azerbaijan State University began working in 1934/35 academic year, the faculty of philology opened in august 1939. The training of specialists was carried out on two specialities: “Azeri language and literature”, “Russian language and literature”. The professor of the chair of Russian literature Alexandr Vasilyevich Bagri headed the new restored faculty.
Seven various chairs were opened on the basis of the faculty in 1939/1940 academic year; Azeri linguistics; General linguistics; Literature of Azerbaijan; Practical course of Azeri language; Practical course of Russian language; Classical philology. The department of oriental studies was organized at the faculty of philology in October 1943. But this department couldn`t function longer at the faculty of philology, next academic year, an independent faculty of oriental studies was established. The famous philologist-scholar, professor Mammadagha Shirali oghlu Shiraliyev was the dean of the faculty in 1942-43s. The department of journalism was opened in 1945-46, the department of art was opened in 11946-47, the department of library sciences and also the departments of logic, psychology, and Azeri language were organized at the faculty of philology. Gradually the number of chairs at the faculty grew and grew. The chairs as Russian literature, Literature of Western Europe, History and theory of art, Logic and psychology, Library sciences, Theory and practice of Soviet press began to work. Later on, the departments of journalism and library sciences were separated from the faculty of philology and became independent faculties. The chair of art was abolished in 1951-52. The chair of logic and psychology was functioning from 1947 to 1956.
The following scholars headed the faculty of philology since 1945 assist.prof. Habibullah Samadzadah (1945-1947), assist.prof. Jafar Khandan Hajiyev (1947-1949), assist.prof. Mammad Jafar Jafarov (1949-1951), prof. Ali Sultanli (1951-1953) assist.prof. Murhtar Huseynzadah (1953-1957), prof . Ali Sultanli (1957-1959), assist.prof. Seyfulla Aliyev (1959-1962) prof. Alovsat Abdullayev (1962-1967), prof. Aghamusa Akhundov (1967-1974), prof. Akbar Aghayev (1974-1976), prof. Firudun Huseynov ( 1976-19800, prof. Agil Hajiyev (1991-1992), prof. Nizami Jafarov (1994-2001), prof. Gara Namazov (2002-2006), Prof. Elbrus Azizov (2006-2011), Maharram Valiyev (2011-2016). On June 27, 2016 Assistant professor the chair of methods of teaching Azerbaijan language and literature Elchin Huseyn oglu Mammadov was elected the dean of the faculty.


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