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«Dada Gorqud» scientific-research laboratory.

SIL of the Filology faculty of the BSU was established by decree 303 of Ministry of Education of Azerbajcan Republic on 04.05.1999 Bases decree 98 of the Prezident of Azerbajcan Respublik from 21 February 1999 and the letter № 1- 31216 by rector of BSU from 15 April 1999 . İt is financed from September 1999.

The list of cast.

  1. Doctor of Philological Sciences, prof Qara Namazov – head scietifie collaborator.
  2. Doktor of Philological Sciences, prof Azad Nabiyev.
  3. Doktor of Philological Sciences, prof Panah Halilov.
  4. Doktor of Philological Sciences, prof Suleyman Aliyarlı – chief scientific collaborator.
  5. Dinara Abiyeva – junior scientific collaborator.
  6. Farhad Qasımov – junior scientific collaborator.
  7. Konul Hasanova - junior scientific collaborator.
  8. Shalala Salmanova - junior scientific collaborator.
  9. Klianimana Manaflı - junior scientific collaborator.
  10. Ulviya Qasımlı - junior scientific collaborator.
  11. Rena Javadova – chief laboratory asistant.
  12. Lamia Najafova - chief laboratory asistant.
  13. Aynur Yusifli - chief laboratory asistant.
  14. Ilhama Babanli - junior scientific collaborator.
  15. Ilgar Huseynov - chief laboratory asistant.

The collaborators are engaged with investigation of «Kitabi-Dede Qorqud»- the ancient model of Azerbaijan literature. During the investigation the date of creation of the epos, the mgthical layers, the meanings of characters are widely investigated. The collaborators books and articles on the theme of «Kitabi-Dede Qorqud» were published.

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