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Department history

The Department of the history of Azerbaijani Literature has been established in 1930, which then was renamed into Department of Classical Azerbaijani Literature. During different periods the department used to be headed by: 1930-1941-professor Mikhail Rafail, then prof. Jafar Hajiyev; 1961-1978 prof. Mir Jalal Pashayev; 1976-1986- prof. Furidin Huseynov, 1986-1994- correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences, prof. Aliyar Safarli, 1995-2000- Republic Prize laureate prof. Takhsin Mutallimov; 2000-2001-ScD of philosophy B.Babazade 2002-2008- prof.Qara Namazov. Since September 2008 the Department is headed by Nargiz Pashayeva. Since 2004 the department is renamed into the Department of Classical Azerbaijani Literature.
The chair first in republic, dealing with actual problems of the modern period of history of the Azerbaijan literature, current literary process, history and the theory of literary criticism, questions of literary criticism, the modern children's literature, the literature of Southern Azerbaijan and emigration literature. The chair has been created in 1970; some time over it B.M.Vagabzade, in 1971 79 - corresponding member of Academy of Science, prof. A.F.Zamanov supervised. Since 1979 to this day the head of this chair the Doctor of Philology, the prof. M.Abdullayev.

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