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Department history

The Department of Turkology was founded in 1969 and was headed by one of the well-known turkologist prof. F.Zeynalov. The Department has been headed the corresponding member of the NASA, doctor of science on philology, prof. T.I.Haciyev. Prof. F.Zeynalov played an important part in the deveploment of turkology in Azerbaijan. The foundation of the department of Turkology in Baku State University is due to his activity. He is the author of many works such as: “The Fundamentals of turkology”, “The Structural parts in the Turkish languages”, “The Comparative grammar of the Turkish languages” (in 2 volume). It is over thirty years that his books have been used as the main text books for the students of the universities. Many famouse scientists such as prof. A.H.Veliyev (on dialactology), prof. S.Q.Alizadeh (expert on the history of the language) assistant prof. A.A.Bagirov, as. prof. G.I.Geferov, as. prof. Sh.Kh.Khalilov worked at this department. Prof. T.I.Haciyev is one of the invertigater of the literary language. Many of this works such as (“The language of satire”, “The History of Azerbaijan literary language’, “Azerbaijan literary language at the beginning of the XX century”, “Fizulih: the art of language”) and some other textbooks and monographies are famous among readers. The scientist’s research arena is very wide. He has some original works on dialectology, etymology and some other brunches of the language. Prof. Hajiyev is the scientist who investigated the transition accents of the language. He is the author of the textbooks for the IX-X forms. Prof. E.I.Azizov is one of the well – known investigaters of the dialectology in Azerbaijan. He has mainly invertigated the historical development of Azerbaijan dialectology and its present state. Some of his works have been dedicated to the old and modern Turkish languages, onomastics, and folklore. Some of his books such as: “The Dialect divisions of the Azerbaijan language”, “The Treasure of Words”, “Historical dialectology of the Azerbaijanian language (formation and development of dialect system)” are distinguished due to their scientific and methodics importance. He is the author of 5 programs of methodics and more than 100 scientific articles. His works have been translated and published in Moskow, Alma-Ata, Ufa, Omsk, Turkey, Sweden and Korea. Prof. M.D.Novruzov is one of the well-known Scientists on turkology. He investigates old and modern Turkish languages. He is mainly known as one of the researchers on turkology. He is the author of a number of books such as: “The case category in turkic language“ (in Russian), „The turkic calculation system“, „The expression of quantity notion in language“, “The tour to world of word”, as well as more than 70 scientific articles and 500 publisist articles. Prof. M.A.Mammedov is one of the investigaters of Azerbaijan dialectology. He investigates the problems of dialectology, the history of the language and also Altaic languages. In our Republic he is mainly known as one of the researchers of the dialects used in South Azerbaijan. He is the author of the books “Category of belonging of a noun in the dialects of the Azerbaijanian language”, “Tebriz dialect of the Azerbaijanian language” and four programs and more than 70 scientific and publisistic articles.

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