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The chair collective works over the decision of several important problems, most important of which - actual problems of modern Azerbaijan literary criticism. In this direction are studied: history of the modern Azerbaijan literature, development of current literary process, and also the questions of poetics connected with them. For the decision of these problems are conducted both fundamental theoretical and philological researches, and the researches of monographic character devoted to the analysis of a literary and art heritage of creative persons, whose played the important role in development of the modern literature. On chair monographies and other kinds of researches about M.E.Rasulzade, U.Gadzhibekov, Guseyn Javid, J. Jabbarly, M.S.Ordubadi, J.V.Chemenzeminli, S.Vurgun, M.Mushvig, Mir Jalal, M.Raghim, S.Rahman, A.Abbasove, M.Rzakulizade, B.Vagabzade, I.Guseynov, M.Gjulgjune, A.Dzhafarzade, I.Melikzade. These monographic researches and other scientific works have played a certain role in creation of multivolume history of the Azerbaijan literature. Along with it, on chair researches on a number of cardinal problems of modern literary criticism have been carried out. Among them the special attention is deserved by a problem of the historical novel, questions of the press and the literature, poetry and folklore, the conflict and character, realism and innovation, actual problems of literary criticism and etc.

International relations of sub-faculty Some members of chair participated in work republican both foreign international conferences and symposiums.

Reports At the initiative of chair meetings, discussions, the anniversary actions devoted to creativity of poets, writers and scientists have been held: B.Vagabzade, G.Gusejnoglu, J.Samedoglu, Анар, A.Aylisli, Elchin, H.Ziya, A.Gadzhizade, M.Sulejmani, F.Sadyk, M.Yagub, S.Akhmedli and etc. Besides, on chair had been held meetings with some foreign writers and scientists: Ali Yavuz Akpinar, İbrahim Bozyel, Enver Uzun and etc. In 2008 the chair has noted M.Mushvig's and Mir Jаlаl’s 100 anniversary .

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