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The sub-faculty trains the bachelors on speciality “HS 020200 – Azerbaijan language and literature” (on internal and external departments), the magistures on speciality “HSM 020006 – Folkloristic and mythology” (on internal and external departments). The programs of told teachers of sub-faculty on the bachelor and magistures subjects were published. Subjects, on which the tutoring is carried out(conducted):

  1. "The Azerbaijanian oral national creativity" (in Russian and Azerbaijan sectors), “Azerbaijanian dastans”
  2. "Fundamentals of the Azerbaijanian folkloristics"
  3. "History of folkloristics"
  4. "System of genres of the Azerbaijanian folklore"
  5. "Azerbaijanian ashug creativity"
  6. "The ancient Myths of the world"
  7. " Azerbaijanian Fairy Tales and of the peoples of the world"
  8. "Azerbaijanian myths, legend, legends and jokes"
  9. "Types and forms Azerbaijanian ashug of verses"
  10. "Seven-complicated verses at Azerbaijanian people’s literature".

Scientific work. 7 scientific works on the theme “The questions of poethics” (2009-2011) are carrying out.
Projects The publications of manual aid of the member-corresponding of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Azad Movlud oglu Nabiyev “The theory of folklore” and “Azerbaijan mythology” for magisture provided at the sub-faculty have been. And also manual “The Azerbaijan folk literature” is prepearing for re-publication (I and II volume). The manual aid for magisture by candidate of phylological science Ulker Azad qizi Nabiyeva “The arkhitektonics and geography of “Kitab-Dede Gorgud” is ready to publication
International relations of sub-faculty The teachers of sub-faculty are collaborating with the centre of Folklore researchers of Izmir University.
Reports. By the collaborators of sub-faculty in 2006-2008 years have been done 7 scientific woks on the theme “The theory of folklore”.

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