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Education. The department trains specialist on the Azerbaijan language and Literature – HS020200 (ful – time instruction, correspondence) bachelor’s degree; turkology – HSM040004 (ful – time instruction, correspondence) master’s degree;

The subjects to be bearned:

Bachelor’s degree: Introduction to Turkology, Ancient Turkic monuments (manuscripts), Contemporary Turkish language, Old Azerbaijanian language, History of the Azerbaijanian literary language, Textology, Special courses

Master’s degree: Historical dialectology of the Azerbaijani Language, Contemporary problems of a science, History and the methodology of a science, Ancient Turkic monuments (manuscripts), The basis of the Turkic linguistics, History of the Azerbaijani language (problems), Comparative grammar of the Turkic language, Contemporary Turkic language, Altaic studies, History of the Turkic – oghuz literary, All – Turkic literature, The Book of Dadah Gorgud (historico – ethnic content), The dialects in South Azerbaijan.

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