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Nizami Gasim Khalilov

Prof. Dr.
Tel: (+99412) 539 03 73
E-mail: nizami_bdu@mail.ru


  • Was born on the 10th of February in Western Azerbaijan
  • 1956-1966 years studied at the secondary school
  • 1966-1970 the student of phylological faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagocical University
  • 1971-till 1972 was at military service in Western Azerbaijan
  • Since 1973 works at Baki State University
  • From 2003 the substitude of the dean in the university
  • Married, four children


  • From 1966-1970 the student of phylological faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagocical University
  • From 1984 the candidate of phylological sciences, „A.Akhverdiyev and folklore“
  • In 1990 – associate professor


  • 1973-1976, research assistant in Correspondence Department of Phylological Faculty of Baki State University (BSU)
  • 1976-1987 chief research assistant of of subfaculty of History of Azerbaijan Literature in BSU
  • 19870-1990 – Senior Lecture at the subfaculty of History Azerbaijan Literature Baki State University
  • 1990 – till nowdays the associate professor of folk poetry in Baki State University
  • The teaching subjects: Azerbaijan folk literature, heroic dastans, ashug creation
  • The author of more 70 scientific articles, 1 monograph, 1 text book.
  • The author of 2 books, the editor of publishing of the collection „Actual problems of Azerbaijan phylology“ (V-X books)
  • Under his leadership defended and has got established candidate thesies


  • 2003. Baku, Azerbaijan. „Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan phylology“ Scientific-theoretical conference.


  • Folklore and written literature, ashug creation, ashug and written literature


  • 1975. Some notes about „Pery Jadu“. Scientific Works Azerbaijan State University. 1975, N 3)
  • Folk motives in A.Akhverdiyev Dramaturgy.
  • 1982. A.A. Akhverdiyev and folklore. Magazine „Ulduz“. 1982, N2
  • 1991. Legends and traditions in Nasimi poetry. „The questions on folklor“. 1991, N3
  • 1994.The influence of religious legends and traditions on Nasimi verses. „The questions of folklorist“.1994, N4
  • 2001. The verses written in folklore style in poetry in XIII-Xv centuries. „Phylological researches“. 2001
  • 2002. The truth about Molla Kasum. „The questions of folklorist“. 2002, N5
  • 2002. From Gopuz till Saz, from Ozan till Ashug. „Dede Korkut“. 2002, N3
  • 2003. Epos cryticizm of Turkik people and Azerbaijan dastan tradition. „Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan phylology. 2003
  • 2004. From Gopuz to saz. „World of Dede Korkut“. 2004
  • 2006. A.A. Akhverdiyev and collection Molla Nasreddin“. „Azerbaijan Phylology“, 2006
  • 2007. Dastan creation in written literature. The question of folklor, 2007, N6
  • 2007. The stage of evolution (of development) of Azerbaijan tradition of epos cryticizm. „Actual questions of Azerbaijan phylology“.2007
  • 2008. The vitae truth, the proximity of styles (Mir Jalal and A.A. Akhverdiyev). „The writer and Time“. The material of conference devoted to 100 anniversary of Mir Jalal“. Baki, 2008


  • 1996. People thougt, ability of a creator. 7,5 pr.sh.
  • 2003.Evolution of Ashug’s art. 8,5 pr.sh.
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