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Under the guidance of chair following scientific collections have been prepared and published:

  1. « Realism and innovation in the Azerbaijan literature »(1981),
  2. « Ways of development of the Azerbaijan dramatic art »(1982),
  3. « Problems of the Azerbaijan Soviet criticism »(1983),
  4. « Socialist realism in the Azerbaijan literature »(1986),
  5. « the Conflict and character in the Azerbaijan Soviet literature »(1987),
  6. « The Folk’s poet Samed Vurgun »(1989),
  7. «The Problem of the hero in the Azerbaijan Soviet literature »(1989).

The chair publishes the scientific collection « Philological researches » (1996-2004), consisting of 20 books, devoted to various problems of history of the literature and modern literary process. The chair from the moment of the creation pays special attention to the regular edition of programs, textbooks, manuals, a method. Instructions. So programs on all specialities for bachelors and masters (for each step separately), for example, have been published. On the basis of these programs following textbooks, educational equipmentsand a method have been published. Instructions:

  1. «the Literature of Southern Azerbaijan» (2001),
  2. «To a problem of teaching of the children's literature in high schools» (2004),
  3. «The Modern Azerbaijan literature» (2007, in 2 volume),
  4. «Questions of the literature of Southern Azerbaijan» (2007),
  5. «Questions of teaching of literary criticism» (2007),
  6. «The Azerbaijan emigrant literature» (2007).
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