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The chair of “Azerbaijan Linguistics” was created in 1939 and first chief was candidate of philology L.Aliyev. After him the chair was headed by doctor of philology, professor A.Z.Abdullayev and K.N.Valiyev. From 1990 till now the chair is headed by the academician A.A.Axundov. In the chair of Azerbaijan linguistics it is lectured such main disciplines as phonetics, vocabulary, morphology, syntax. The disciplines which are lectured to bachelors are: Culture of speech and basis of stylistics, Courses of speciality, Practice works on Azerbaijan language. The disciplines which are lectured to masters are: Linguistic analysis of text, word creation in Azerbaijan language, Modern problems of the science, History and methodology of the science, Syntagmatic phonetics, Morphology and morphonology, Syntax and text linguistics, Onomasiology, Tenses of verb, History of Azerbaijan Linguistics, Phraseology of Azerbaijan language, Lexical-semantic system of language, Linguistic poetics of Azerbaijan language, form and meaning structure of word, Orthography and basis of orthography sciences.

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