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The chair of “History of Russian literature” – is one of the oldest in Baku State University. During the activity of the chair, here were worked prominent, famous literators: V.Sipovskiy, D.Bagriy- in 1920s, V.Orlov, A.Popov, J.Granin – in 1939-1940s, Mamed Arif, Mamed Djafar, DJ.Djafarov – in 1950-1960s, S.G.Asadullaev, A.G.Gadjiev – in 1970s.

As late in 1941 the collective of chair was published the educational aid “The Sketches in the History of Russian Literature in the I part of XIX century”, by which was studied the students-philologists of all Soviet Union. The works of abovementioned former members of chair “The History of Russian Literature” in the sphere of classical Russian literature and Azerbaijani-Russian literary interrelations and interconnections do not lose its educational-methodological and scientific meaning in our days.

In 1984 was happened the reorganization of the chair, in the result of which were appeared two chairs – the chair of “Classical Russian Literature” and the chair of “Russian Soviet Literature”.

From 2011 the chair was united under its former title again. The chair is leading by the kavaler of Shokhrat orden, the doctor of philological sciences, professor Gadjiev A.Dj.


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