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The chair was organized in 2001 on the basis of the Western-European languages of the Baki State University for humanitar and technical subjects by the decision /1/248.01.11/ of the rector of Baki State University, the academician A.M. Maharramov. From the day of establishment of this chair the chief of the chair became candidate of philology, associate prof. A.G.Abbasov who is still occupies this very post. For now the chair of English is busy with teaching of English language for technical sciences of bachelor and master degrees in all the faculties of Baki State University except of the faculty of international law and relations. The staff of the chair of English is consisting of 38 men ( 9 of them are the candidates of philogy, associate prof. 5 of them are candidates of philology senior lectures, 5 of them 0,5 staff lectures, one of them is a chief of laboratory, two of them are the senior laborotary assistants, and one of them is a laboratory assistand. There are as well fourty-two hourly working lectures in this chair who are also deliver lessons on English language. In the chair of English language there are four various programs of English language used in all the faculties of Baki State University. There are about 15 text-books of English language, and a number of dictionaries used by the students and the lectures as well. All the members of the chair compile calendar plans for everybody lessons, they are always discussed at the chair, done necessary corrections and then they used by the lectures

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