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From the date of foundation of the BSU the general linguistics chair was created under the faculty of philology as a chair of General linguistics. The subjects (Introduction to (the) linguistics/ The Latin language/ Comparative grammar General linguistics) including to the teaching load of the chair are from bachelor divide/ and surrounds of the visual and correspondence departments of the faculties as Oriental studies/ philology/ Library science/ International law/ Social sciences/ history/ psicological. In the magistrates is teaching the subjects as Theoretical linguistics/ Linguistics methods/ Structure linguistics/ Applied linguistics etc. Employees (collaborators) of the chair especially carry out investigations on theory of language . The following scientists have led to (the) chair of general linguistics in (the) different years. In 1996 the chair of general linguistics was closed. In 2001 the chair is opened again and is leaded by the Corresponding member of the national Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Honoured Scientist, Doctor of Philology,professor N.Cafarov .

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