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The Departament of World Literature was formed within the Faculty of Philology in 1939/ 1940 academic year . The Departament was named Classical Philology and headed by Prof. V. I. Yablonko. The same year the Departaments of History of Literature of Western Europe (head of the Departament Cand of Ph. Sc.associate Prof. A.M.Mudrov) and then the Departament of Classical Philology (head of the Departament Ph. Dr. Prof. R.H. Trumbel) were formed on the basis of this Departament .Later the Departament of History of foreign Literature was headed by professors - Ali Sultanli, M.M. Alizadeh and Akbar Agayev. For certain period of time the Departament was named General Philology and History of Foreign Literature and headed by Prof.V.H. Tahirov. Since 1989 the Departament of World Literature has been headed by Ph. Dr. J.G. Nagiyev . The members of the Departament Prof. Ali Sultanli and Prof. Jalil Nagiyev worked at and published the text-book - “History of Classical literature”,” Reader of Greek Literature ,” “Reader of Roman Literature” and “Middle ages and reader Foreign Literature in the period of Renaissance (in(Prof. Ali Sultanli) and “History of ancient Eastern Literature (2004; 2009- second edition .J.G. Nagiyev). These books were republished . In addition Prof. J.G . Nagivev translated into Azeri, edited and prepared for publishing the text-book of I.M. Tronsky “Classical Literature” At present 13 teachers work at the Departament of “World Literature” Three of them are Ph. Sc. associate Professors and two teachers. Nowadays allmembers of the Departament work at and publish text-books for training Bachelors and masters , teaching materials and programs in literature. Teaching materials in Russian Literature (by Prof. A.M. Khalilov) and in English literature ( by Prof. U.I.Badalbayli ) were published . At the same time the teaching materials concerning some problems of world literature compiled by Associate - Professors T.S.Aliyeva , E.E.Mehraliyev, N.A.Sadixli, S.T.Mamedova and teacher caud of Ph. Sc. N.F.Hasanova were published. At present the members of the Departament are working at the text-books “Middle Ages and History of European Literature in the period of Renaissance (Prof. J.G.Nagiyev) and History of European Literature in 17-18 cc. (collective work) The following scientific works were published by the staff of the Departament in 2008. Prof. J.G.Nagiyev: A Korean hero and about relativus between Korea and Azerbaijan; Myths, Nation, Literature New Silk Way International Literary Symposium, Baku; SBC Publising House ,2008, p.p.167-170 (in Azeri and Korean languages); Dreams and Interperation of Dreams in epos “Kitabi Dede Korkut” Proceedings of Euroasia Symposium, Ankara, 2008, p.p. 19-26; Chingiz Aytmatov “Perpetual Bride”, “Yol” “ (way)” Journal number-29, September-october , 2008, Vali Baheddin Guney , “Outstanding personality of Turkish World”, Baku, Shirvanneshir , 2008, p.p. 167-171; Interest in different spheres “About Ilham Aliyev”, “Azerbaijan news” Journal, October, 2008,p.1094. European Education and General Turkish Language, 20-25 october, Ankara, 2008. Prof. A.M.Khalilov “The Poets rubaies”, Muzaffar Tabib “ Rubaies”. Preface to the book, Baku 2008, Muzaffar Tabib “Sonets” preface to the book, Baku 2008. Prof. U.I.Badalbayly Somerset Maugham “Eastern stories”, Literary relations, Volume 3, p.p.336-342. In addition the following works of Prof. J.G.Nagiyev –Syllatus on World Literature – Ancient Eastern Literature, Baku 2008; (for bachelors); Classical Literature , Baku 2008; Middle Ages and the period of Renaissance, Baku 2008; Foreign Literature in 17-18 cc. Baku 2008; World Literature in 19-20 cc. Baku 2008 were published. Eastern motives in Czech literature ; monography , Baku, World of bodes, 2008, 268 pages; Golden genre in Czech literature . BSU , Comparative literature Baku, 2008, p.p 135-136; Huns in Bohemia . Language and Literature 4(64) Baku, 2008,pp.117-118; Eastern motives in Czech literary-tales, “Scientific Proceedings” ; Baku, 2008, number-4, pp.213-217;Julius Fuchik in Central Asia. “Language and Literature” , 3(63). Baku 2008, pp.172-174; Acting associate –professor N.A.Sadikhli - Literature of West-Greek turks. Language and Literature,2008, number – 2(62); Ancient written sources in Mesopotamia and begining of development. “Language and Literature”, Baku, 2008, 5(65), pp.57-59; Classical theatre as a phenomen of Greek and Roman civilization. “Language and Literature”, Baku, 2008, 6(66),pp.136-137.

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