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An interview of an IV year student of the Philological faculty Ayshen Sadigli


An interview of an IV year student of the Philological faculty Ayshen Sadigli

Representative of organization АМОR requested an interview of an IV year student from the group of 010а of Philological faculty of Sadigli Ayshen, grant holder of the name by Nizami Ganjavi, chairman of the faculty Students’ scientific society.

A.Sadigli is the winner of the grant project which presented by the framework of the internal university grants program named “50+50” for 2011-2011 yy., in 2011 was awarded to “Diploma” and medal of III of place on subject of Azerbaijani language on Republican Olympiad on Subject, and also rewarded by the honored name “The best student of year” in 2010 and in 2011, member of “University chorus” from I course. In 2011 is published her book named “National leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani language”.

In her interview of Ayshen Sadigli told about caring and attention to the young students by the rector of Baku State University, deputy, academician A.M.Maharramov, also, by guidance of the Philological faculty, about a scientific atmosphere in an university formed by pedagogical staff, about possibilities created for talented, literate students as a result of development of educational atmosphere, about the educational and scientific successes herself.

And also, articles of Ayshen Sadigli about a tragedy in Hojali and about the International Woman day of March 8, placed on the web-site of organization AMOR. With an interview and articles of Ayshen Sadigli is possible to become familiar on these electronic addresses.




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