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Presentation of the new book


There was  a presentation of a new book "World Literature» (I Volume, 2011) which was written   by Amirkhan Khalilov- the  professor of the world literature  chair of the Philology Faculty. Professors, teachers, and graduate students of the faculty attended at the presentation. Deputy Dean of the Philology  Faculty, professor Nizami Khalilov, gave detailed information about the textbook  and  said that  Prof. Amirkhan Khalilov`s book presented extensive literary essays on the work of giants of  the  world literature - Homer, Hesiod, and Dante, Petrarch, Tasso, Camoens, and the eminent German thinker and writer Goethe.

Speakers - Corresponding  Member  of ANAS, prof. A. Nabiev, prof. J.Nagiev, prof. Guseinov, assoc.prof.M. Mamedov  and the guest of the presentation chief editor of the newspaper "Yegana Yol,"  poet  Firdowsi Jafarkhan - told about the features of the  textbook.

At the end of the presentation   Professor A. Khalilov answered the guestions.

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